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Economic Weekly Calendar: 21th August '17- 25 August'17

Tuesday, 22 August, 5:30pm (Local time)

Core Retail Sales m/m (CAD)

Impact Level: High

Automobile sales account for about 20% of Retail Sales, but they tend to be very volatile and distort the underlying trend. The Core data is therefore thought to be a better gauge of spending trends


Wednesday, 23 August, 7:30pm (Local time)

Crude Oil Inventories (USD)

Impact Level: High

It influences the price of petroleum products which affects inflation, but also impacts growth as many industries rely on oil to produce goods


Thursday, 24 August, 05:30pm (Local time)

Unemployment Claims (USD)

Impact Level: High

Although it's generally viewed as a lagging indicator, the number of unemployed people is an important signal of overall economic health because consumer spending is highly correlated with labor-market conditions. Unemployment is also a major consideration for those steering the country's monetary policy.


Friday, 25 August, 09:00pm (Local time)

Federal Reserve (Fed) (USD)

Impact Level: High

As head of the central bank, which controls short term interest rates, she has more influence over the nation's currency value than any other person. Traders scrutinize her public engagements as they are often used to drop subtle clues regarding future monetary policy